Monash and University College London
Perioperative Medicine Short Course
Perioperative medicine is an emerging field of medicine that has developed in response to the increasing age and complexity of patients and in the number of surgical procedures being performed.
This course, run jointly by Monash University and University College London that are leaders in perioperative medicine education, aims to give a general overview of what this field medicine entails.
Course Structure
6 weeks online only (reading packages, journal articles, short videos) MCQ assessment (15 MCQs) each week
Target audience
Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Physicians, Surgeons, Pain Specialists, Emergency Physicians, General Practitioners, Nurses, and any professionals interested in perioperative care.
Commencement date
6 July 2020

Course Fees


  • Week1 - Introduction to Perioperative Medicine +
    • The perioperative medicine physician.
    • Health economics: economic burden of healthcare provision, resource allocation, measuring health economic outcomes.
  • Week2 - Clinical Risk Assessment +
    • Biomarkers and organ specific
    • Physical fitness, activity and surgical outcomes
    • CPX, functional capacity
  • Week3 - Perioperative Medication Management +
    • Preoperative medication management
    • Postoperative medication management
  • Week4 - Common Early Postoperative Challenges +
    • Troponin leakage
    • SGLT inhibitors
    • Postoperative care (HDU, ICU or ward care)
    • Basic fluid management
    • Other subtopics to be decided
  • Week5 - Designing Clinical Pathways +
    • Enhanced recovery after surgery pathways
  • Week6 - Ethics and Advanced Care Directives +
    • Including the very young and the very old
    • POPS
    • Ethics of informed consent