• Monash and University College London 2022 Perioperative Medicine Short course

    Monash and University College London
    Perioperative Medicine Short course
    Monash/UCL PeriopMed Short Course

    Monash University, Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
    UCL Centre for Perioperative Medicine

Course Modules

Six course modules will be offered in this course released on a weekly basis.

There are no assessments for this short course.

Module1 - Introduction to Perioperative Medicine by Professor David Walker

  • The perioperative medicine physician.
  • Health economics: economic burden of healthcare provision, resource allocation, measuring health economic outcomes.

Module 2 - Clinical Risk Assessment by Professor David Walker

  • Biomarkers and organ specific.
  • Physical fitness, activity and surgical outcomes.
  • CPX, functional capacity.

Module 3 - Perioperative Medication Management by Dr Joel Symons

  • Preoperative medication management.
  • Postoperative medication management.

Module 4 - Common Early Postoperative Challenges by Dr Jonathan Nicholson

  • The burden of post-operative complications.
  • The common complications that occur in the early post-operative course and evidence based strategies to best detect and manage these.
  • Post-operative models of care to manage the high risk patients.
  • Future direction in reducing post-operative complications.

Module 5 - Designing Clinical Pathways by Professor David Walker

  • Enhanced recovery after surgery pathways.

Module 6 - Ethics and Advanced Care Directives by Dr Deborah Leung

  • Including the very young and the very old.
  • POPS
  • Ethics of informed consent.

Please Note: Course modules will subject to change. Last Updated: December 2022